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Inga Chegai

Associate Marriage Family Therapist

Locations Served: Morgan Hill

Accepting New Clients: Yes

Accepts Insurance: Yes

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“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learn. Enlightenment is not a learning experience. It is unlearning one.” —Marianne Williamson

A lifetime of experience, academic learning, and self-reflection have shaped the foundation for the work I’m doing now.

Although every life is different, we all share a desire to heal our spirit and move forward positively from our past. The word “psycho” itself in the Greek language means breath, spirit, soul, and mind—there is no separation of one of these things from the other. I have substantial experience in healing both the body and the mind.

I have lived life and forged strong relationships on three different continents. As I have moved from one city to another, I carry with me the memories and lessons of my ancestors whose courage and endurance through global events give me meaning and perspective. These things have also shown me that generational healing starts with the personal healing of one life.

My ancestors are Korean and Jewish and were forced from their homes during political unrest to the beautiful Muslim country of Eurasia. I was born in Uzbekistan, and I grew up in Russia, initially studying journalism in both countries. I received my degree in journalism from Moscow University, as well as certificate of medical service in nursing.

While living in Israel, I studied alternative manual therapy. I completed six months of intensive instruction in Neuropsychology at the highly regarded Moscow Institute.

I have lived the majority of my life in the United States, working for many years as a therapist at the Pain Medicine Institute. I returned to university when I discovered my soul purpose in the field of counseling.

While continuing my practice as a therapist at the Pain Management Institute, I enrolled into JFK University. I earned a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology in Summer 2022. First year of my practicum at JFKU I worked at Residential Recovery Program. I am currently a member of Axis Mundi Center for Mental Health team.

I have clinical experience and expertise in such areas as trauma, PTSD, anxiety, relationships, addiction, depression, defense mechanisms, abandonment issues, spirituality, finding purpose, self-esteem issues, attachment issues, communication skills, personal grows.

In a lifetime of meeting courageous people, I have experienced first-hand the courage it takes to seek therapy and a better tomorrow for yourself.


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