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A mainstay in our mission is to provide programs that support and connect our diverse community.
Discovery seeks to build bridges between family, school, and community through our community programs. Your generous contributions to Discovery Counseling Center during help us further our efforts to provide a range of quality services in our south county community, from school-site counseling, groups, and Life Skills programs, to after-school programs, to workshops and youth mentoring opportunities.
Your TIME and donations help provide programs such as:
Running Children

Providing a Bridge between families, Schools and Community

Providing a Bridge between families, school and community, our Bridge Community Programs are held at both Jasmine Square and Park Place (formerly Village Avanti) in Morgan Hill and Sobrato Family Apartments in Gilroy.

Group Bonding

Teen Mentorship Program working with

Peer Counseling at

Local High Schools

Teen mentors at local High Schools learn how positive self-image and healthy self-esteem affect their ability to build successful relationships. They are taught communication skills,fear/anger/anxiety management tools and conflict resolution skills. Training culminates with taking these skills to after school groups

at local elementary schools.

Study Group on the Grass
Smart Kids Program

Empowering pre-teens to Love Who They Are and make Smart Choices

Providing a fun and safe place to address relevant youth issues: navigating friendships, healthy communication, self-image, bullying, being true to yourself. Using crafts and activities, a trained counselor meets with youth once a week for discussion and support.

Will you consider making a donation this year?
We appreciate your support and contribution!
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