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Charles Bauman

Supervisor, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Location Served: Morgan Hill

Accepting New Clients: No

Accepts Insurance: N/A

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Clients usually arrive with some version of the Triple-Knot and a fractured sense of self. Their major issue is navigating their world through a lens of insecurity/anxiety/avoidance. As such, their Coping Strategies Menu is filled with numbing and distractions: alcohol, substances, electronics, etc. My task is to gain a client's trust, and help he/she unravel their Triple-Knot, and gain fulfillment or efficiency within the Self.

I help clients to navigate their world of relationships by learning to "do less" and "be more." This starts by modeling a new and different relationship that is without judgment or unwanted advice. Most clients are operating in a "crisis-management" modality, and the larger goal in therapy is transformation to an empowered "leadership" modality.

With many people, therapy has a negative reputation of just a "bunch of talk" and nothing changes. That has not been the case with my clients. I am known as a therapist that "makes it happen" for them.


  • Master Of Arts in Counseling Psychology - Santa Clara University


  • (831) 431-0346 

Office Hours

  • Please contact me for appointments. 


  • I accept most insurance. 


  • English

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