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3) The Bridge Project - Volunteer

You probably have skills that could be used one way or another to bring life and vitality to the lives of others. Your your help we can make a difference together by serving our youth, their families and community. Here are some of the opportunities available. See how you can help.

Bridge Project Volunteers:

  1. Help kids finish their homework.

  2. Help kids develop their reading skills by reading to them or having them read to you.

  3. Help kids develop their math skills.

  4. Help kids succeed in school.

More importantly when you volunteer you are telling these kids they are important, and they can succeed in school, and ultimately in life.


All of the Bridge Project kids come from disadvantaged families living below the poverty line.  Most are Spanish speaking families, meaning the parents may not be able to help their children complete their homework and develop reading and math skills.  When you volunteer you are stepping in for a parent who can’t be there for their child. The kids in the Bridge Project are all k-6th grade students.


When you arrive you will share a snack with a kid, as you find out what homework they have. Then, as you help them with their homework, you will discover what they are struggling with in school and tutor them in that area of difficulty.  After the homework is complete, you will spend 20 minutes reading to or with your student as you help them develop their reading skills.  When you leave you will know you made a difference.


Volunteers commit to working 1 day per week from 3:30 – 5:00 pm.  The Bridge Project is active Monday – Thursday through the school year, except for non-school days.


The Bridge Project is held at two (2) difference apartment complexes in Morgan Hill.

  • Jasmine Square Apartments 16530 Monterey Street, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

  • Village Avante Apartments 16480 Del Monte Avenue, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Do I need special skills?

If you can read and do math at a 6th grade level you have the skills needed. The only other thing you need is the ability to care. If you care you can make a difference.

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