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This Year I Will Take Better Care of Myself

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Tank on empty? Maybe taking some baby steps toward change will help. Remember, it takes time and practice to change things.

I Resolve To

  1. I will be kind to myself. Encourage yourself. Positive self-talk is vital to building and having healthy inner strength. Negative self talk usually limits ones ability to grow beyond their circumstances. Everyone makes mistakes and fails at one time or another. Learning something from the experience, if even it is “I won’t do that again,” is one way to benefit from past experiences.

  2. I will seek balance in my life. Ask yourself if you are taking the time to get adequate sleep, balanced meals, moderate exercise, feeding your spirit, having fun, being with others, and working. If one area in your life is way out of balance your health, relationship with your spouse or children may be suffering. YOU and those you love may best be served by reordering priorities.

  3. I will allow myself to be human. Expecting more of yourself than is reasonably possible is a sure fire way to disaster. There will always be more that needs to be done, more you can do, or more others want you to do. Be reasonable.

  4. I will choose to find friends who bring out the best, not the worst, in me. Friends who care and understand you without taking sides, judging or make situations worse are like fine gold. They possess a rare gift letting you know you are cared for and yet allowing you space to move forward rather than keeping you stuck.

  5. I will allow others to correct me. If people are to learn and grow they NEED others to honestly and kindly show them where or how they can improve. Listen to and consider what others, those who your respect or are have a position of care over you, have to say. Keep what is good. Throw out the rest. Common sense is not all that common. Exercise your mind to see what results in good outcomes and what does not.

  6. I will keep a light and right attitude. You have complete control over your attitude.  With a right attitude you can leap over hurtles that may have tripped you up in the past. The reality is not everyone is going to be kind all the time nor is everyone going to like you. Regardless of what others do or say, YOUR good attitude can be a good protection to help overcome every situation you find yourself in.

  7. I will allow myself to re-evaluate situations and adjust to make way for bettersuccess. Once you have set goals, re-evaluate outcomes from time to time to see what can or needs to be “tweeked”. For instance, the book you had set out to read is boring. Let it go.  The book was made for you, not you for the book.

Mankind’s best qualities: patience, endurance, faith, joy, love, peace, gentleness, self-control, humility, and kindness are ‘learned’ over a lifetime of experiences. Keep Learning!

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Evonne Cook

November 3, 2020

Self Care

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