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Ten Ways to Help Your Child Get A's

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Here is a list of ways you can help your kids get much better grades in school. These ideas are taken from numerous research projects.  Do these 10 things and your kids will make significant improvement.

  1. ENVIRONMENT –Create an environment that encourages learning. Encourage your kids when they learn something new. Provide materials such as puzzles and paints to stimulate curiosity. Most of all - be a learner yourself.

  2. WELL BALANCED LIFE Make your home a place where the kids are loved, everyone eats healthy, sleeps well and receives sufficient exercise. Limit excessive TV, video games and computer games.

  3. READ TO THEM DAILY – Most learning for kids will come from reading, so when they are young read to them daily.

  4. ENCOURAGE THEM TO READ – As much as 75% of what kids learn is from reading, and the more they read the better reader they become. Make sure you have a variety of reading material available to the kids.

  5. ORGANIZE – Teach your kids how to use assignment pads, calendars, and notebooks for note taking.  One of the best ways to teach organization is by example.

  6. TEACH STUDY SKILLS – Make sure your kids know how to read a text book. Here’s how: scan chapter for pictures and see what you can learn before you read, then read title and think about what the chapter might be about, then subtitles, then captions below pictures, they highlighted words, and finally the text itself. Also teach how to prepare for tests, and memorize facts.

  7. TEACH LISTENING SKILLS – Encourage your kids to take notes in class when the teacher is talking.  This will help them concentrate and remember.

  8. TEACH HOMEWORK SKILLS – Organize what needs to be done, plan what order to do it in, let them be responsible for homework and always praise them for doing so.

  9. TALK ABOUT THEIR SCHOOL DAYShowing your kids that you care and are interested in their experience at school will make it more important to them. When problems come up help them come up with solutions.

  10. DEVELOP A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH THE TEACHER – Attend all teacher conferences, visit your kid’s classroom, volunteer to help the teacher, and express your appreciation to the teacher for how they are helping your kid.

ALL of the studies say there is one key ingredient in kids who get A’s in school. Their parents are involved parents. These are no easy things to do, but they are reasonable things to do. Find a way to do them all and your kids will benefit.

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Larry McElvain, Founder, Discovery Counseling Center

November 3, 2020


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