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Parent-Teacher Conference Kit

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Both teachers and parents feel anxiety when meeting for a Parent-Teacher Conference, and preparing questions to ask before you go will help alleviate the anxiety, increase confidence, and ensure you walk away with all you need to help and encourage your child in school.

Before you go, determine what your child’s experience is in school.

  • Does your child and the teacher get along well?

  • Do you and the teacher get along well?

  • Is your child struggling academically?

  • Is your child challenged by school?

  • Is your child connecting socially with the other kids?

  • Is your child enjoying school (teacher and other students)?

The answers to these questions will help you formulate questions to ask. For example, if your child is complaining that the teacher does not like him you might ask:

  • How is my child behaving in school?

  • Are you aware that my child is saying that you don’t like him?

  • What suggestions do you have about ways my child could improve his relationship with you?

  • Do you have any ideas about how you might improve your relationship with my child?

  • Do you feel a transfer to another class would be in the best interest for my child?

Prepare yourself for the conference not just with questions but with the right attitude and information to give.

  • Bring extra information about your child to help the teacher know your child better.

  • If you’re able, come prepared to offer to help in the classroom occasionally.

  • Approach the conference with a positive spirit. If there are problems, come with an attitude to resolve them.

  • Express appreciation for the teacher, even if that is a problem area for you.

  • Be open-minded about differences between you and the teacher.

  • If there are problems with the teacher remember you have only heard one side. Be open to listening to the teacher’s perspective.

  • Always be considerate even when you believe the teacher is not. Creating antagonism will never help.

For a complete list of possible questions and tips for the following situation email Discovery Counseling Center and we will return your email with a complete Parent-Teacher Conference Kit to help you with the next conference.

Want to learn more? Give us a call or make an appointment with one of our qualified therapists today!

Larry McElvain, Founder, Discovery Counseling Center

November 2, 2020


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