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New Year's Thoughts

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As Christmas of 2008 becomes history and the calendar page flips over into 2009, we all begin to take a look at the new year and ask ourselves, What will 2010 hold for me? Most of us in all honesty may feel a tinge of fear or uncertainty. After all, 2008 may have been a tough year, a year of sadness, losses, disappointments, or possibly unmet goals and desires. Even if 2008 was very good to you, you need to sit down in a quiet place and ask yourself, What do I really want in 2009? What is really important to me at this time in my life?

No, these are not selfish questions as long as we take our answers, dreams, concerns, wants, and desires to God. Do you want . . . healthier relationships, joy in your work, change from the regular routine and humdrum of life, to learn a new skill, take a new direction in life, a more meaningful and purposeful life, or perhaps to take control of bad habits, addictions . . . What are your dreams?

Your dreams and desires can never be attained or reached without action on your part. First you need to give your dreams/desires to God and allow God to fan the flames of desires in accordance with His will for you. God is constantly opening new doors, opportunities, and most of all waiting for a deeper relationship with each one of us. However, God is true to His Word and He will never impose anything on us. We have to take action. We have to seek His face and act in faith to the opportunities God sprinkles along our pathway daily. Nothing happens without some reason (hidden the reason may be).

Steve Arterburn in his book Flash Pointshas asked a great question that I would like you to think and ponder on before God. Would you say that you are diving into the life God planned for you or merely dog paddling on the surface of all that God has to offer?

Some of the things you might have to do to start an action plan is to allow God to do an attitude adjustment within you regarding perhaps one issue or maybe several issues; allow hope to burn through your heart and soul which will lead to the belief that things will be different, this or that can be attained with God’s grace in hand; perseverance versus taking the easy way out and quitting or being a spectator in life; deeper honesty with God, yourself, and others; allow yourself to feel passion and act upon it; and most of all examine yourself and give to God your growth areas, your weaknesses, your strengths and your talents.

This all sounds good and fine and you may be thinking, I have tried all that and it has not worked in the past. This sounds more like making meaningless New Year resolutions. However, when we inventory our attitudes, we may find that there are deep hurts, misunderstandings, etc. that stand in the way that bear greatly on how we think, feel and experience our relationships and the world we live in. We may find it is hard to be honest with ourselves about what we really think and feel. That can be scary for many. This may be the year that God wants you to address these issues. Healing in these areas does not happen in isolation. Consider seeking counseling, if necessary, to have a trusted counselor walk alongside you in the journey. Call Discovery Counseling Center today if you want to explore things being different for you in 2010.

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Jean Galica

December 28, 2008

New Year

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