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Thoughts About Giving at Christmas

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As Christmas approaches, we have thoughts and feelings attached to it and many times we find ourselves getting sucked into doing what others think we should be doing. Christmas is a time of rejoicing, renewing friendships with family and friends as well as a time of giving. Giving is best when it’s both for the giver and the receiver. So, you may be asking, What’s one of the greatest gifts I can give to those I care about?

One of the things every human being craves for is relationship which can be spelled out in our LISTENING EAR. Do you really stop to listen to what others are saying? Is it important to you? Do you like others to really listen to you? Consider giving the gift of listening this year to those you love. Some simple tips to start on an adventure of really listening to what others are saying are as follows:

  • When someone is talking to you, do not be thinking about what you are going to say in response and/or after they stop talking, but rather concentrate on the content and feelings of what they are saying.

  • Use good eye contact – a smile does wonders.

  • Do not judge what the other person is saying, just listen and be aware that this is their thoughts and feelings that they are entrusting you with – value the gift!

  • Ask for clarification for what you do not understand versus jumping to conclusions to what the speaker may mean, may be feeling, etc.

  • If you must give feedback, be concrete and specific bathed in genuineness.

  • Be empathetic and encourage others ~ do not hurry conversation.

Although there are many, many components that make up good listening skills on many different levels, to practice these beginning tips can begin to open up doors to enhanced relationships with others through listening to them. You will also be validating others as being very important to you! What a gift!

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Jean Galica

November 3, 2020


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