Help kids live life well

Discovery's staff is passionate about helping people discover tools to build personal wholeness, healthy families, and a thriving community. A mainstay in this mission is our Community Programs.

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How Discovery Community Programs Change Lives

Discovery seeks to build bridges between family-school-community through our community programs. Your generous contributions to Discovery Counseling Center during this holiday season help us further our efforts to provide a range of quality services in our local community, from school-site counseling and after-school programs to workshops and community service. Your donations help fund programs such as:

Boldly Me Program

Teen mentors at local High Schools learn how positive self-image and healthy self-esteem affect their ability to build successful relationships. They are taught communication skills, anger/anxiety management techniques, and conflict resolution skills. At the end of training, these lessons are reinforced as these teens bring the skills they learned into local elementary schools. Along with training in lesson planning and elementary-age classroom management techniques, the teen mentors use games and role play to teach younger students the importance of accepting themselves and other people and embracing their differences.

Bridge After-School Program

Providing a Bridge between families, school and community, our Bridge Community Programs are held at both Jasmine Square and Park Place (formerly Village Avanti) in Morgan Hill and Sobrato Family Apartments in Gilroy. They provide homework support, reading and math tutoring, as well as arts and crafts, community connections, and life skill building programs to these low-income communities. Parenting workshops and counseling are also provided at no cost to the residents.

Smart Kids Program

Sometimes, kids need a space where they can talk about who they are, things that are happening in their lives, and how to be the person they want to be. In Smart Kids, children engage in games and activities while learning the value of respect for self and others, communication, problem solving, and smart decision-making skills that build healthy relationships and confident young leaders.